Companies we bring Value to

No one fit all approach: we adapt to your company

KAM/GAM, Solution Selling and Influence-oriented Marketing are relevant in all sectors and for companies of all size. We can help different type of companies with a taylored offering that adapts to each specific context. In order to ensure a long term impact of our services, we always focus on developing staff skills and fostering collaboration.

  • For Start-Ups and Small Businesses our offering focuses on designing and implementing their marketing system and account management practice. As the company grows, we help adapt the organization and practice accordingly.
  • To companies with international operations we provide consulting, training, and interim management services to help optimize their organization, design and implement influencers-focused and thought leadership programmes, develop team work and collaboration, and implement advanced Key / Global Account Management practice.
  • We help International Marketing & PR Agencies optimize their operations, develop their influencers-focused consulting offering, and better manage their Global Accounts.