Start-ups / Small Biz

Efficient help for start-ups and small businesses

We provide strategic and operational support to help start-up founders and small businesses leaders develop their company’s Go to Market capabilities.

We partner with the company’s team to develop the skills and processes aiming at building awareness and recognition in the relevant business ecosystem, and at driving the acquisition and development of clients.

Our combination of Management, Marketing, and Sales services aim at:

  • Helping  founders and leaders develop their marketing and sales management skills
  • Analysing the Business environment and Influencers
  • Designing or optimizing the marketing and communications system
  • Strengthening the sales and account management practice
  • Developing the team’s collaboration skills
MANAGEMENT services for start-ups and small businesses»

MARKETING services for start-ups and small businesses»

SALES and ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT services for start-ups and small businesses»

Our services are always tailored to your specific needs and taste and allow for an incremental approach. Our progressive approach supports change management and eases the learning process within your organisation. We customizz our training workshop for the specifics of a start-up environment and we offer custom-build cost efficient consulting support packages.

CONTACT US to discuss your specific needs.

  • Workshops for start-up founders to assess profiles required in their team to drive Go to Market activities
  • Marketing, Sales, and Account Management training for the leadership team
  • Company dashboard implementation

  • Business ecosystem and Influencers analysis
  • Semantic web analytics of the internet environment on relevant topics
  • Creation of core messages and stories for a stronger positioning and differentiation
  • Design of core marketing campaign with integration of all functions and vendors
  • Support of the selection process of third-party vendors (PR & Mktg services and tools)
  • Team dynamic and skills assessment, development of cross-functional collaboration
  • Formalization or enhancement of core marketing processes, including a dashboard and score card

  • Client base analysis
  • Implementation of a pragmatic and collaborative Client Segmentation process
  • Assessment and enhancement of the account management practice
  • Team dynamic and skills assessment, building of an organization development plan
  • Development of synergies between sales and marketing