Olivier Riviere

Founder and executive consultant profile

Dr. Olivier Riviere defines himself as a “serial fixer of messy problems” and a builder of strong teams, programmes, and business relationship. During a career of over 25 years, he has held positions in R&D, marketing and communications, business development, global account management, client service, and general management. He has worked for technology, added-value services, and consulting global companies and has had clients and partners in varied industries and sectors. Since early 2009, working as a Consultant and Interim Manager, he brings his wealth of experience to Companies from the start-up to the global giant.

Key features of his expertise are as follows:

  • A consulting method, alone and with partners, based on combining consulting, training and on-the-job oaching and using a co-creation process with the customer
  • A modern global approach to Go to Market well adapted to innovative companies
  • A comprehensive methodology for Sales Force Effectiveness
  • An original and advanced KAM/GAM methodology for developing international and global accounts
  • A simple and powerful methodology for Marketing Solutions and Prescriptive Selling
  • A special expertise in Business ecosystem and Influencer Marketing and Communications
  • A solid track record in organizational development, change management, and business turnaround
  • A multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach to business and a passion for multicutural environments

Olivier holds an engineering degree from the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon, a PhD (Doctorat d’Ingénieur) from the Ecole des Mines de Paris, and a business degree from the Institut Français de Gestion. Trilingual (French, German, English), he lives in Munich, Germany, and operates across Europe and worldwide. He teaches in Business Schools, writes articles and speaks in conferences.
Career path»

  • Interim: EMEA Business Development Director, TBM Consulting Group, Operational Excellence Consultancy
  • Interim: Regional Director, Poland & Baltic States, Grayling, PR Consultancy
  • SVP, Global Client Service / Key Acc. Director, Text 100, PR Consultancy
  • General Manager France, IXOS AG, Entreprise Software (SAP-focused)
  • VP Global Marketing , IXOS AG, Entreprise Software (SAP-focused)
  • EMEA Marketing Manager , Intel, semiconductors
  • Service Sales Manager, Wang France -IT services
  • Global Partner Programme Manager, Dassault Systems, Entreprise Software
  • Product Development Manager, Dassault Systems, Entreprise Software
  • Research Engineer in Materials Science , ARMINES, Applied Research