The impact of experience and expertise

Tangible achievements, no marketing talk!

The business life is complex. In order to tame issues and take advantage of opportunities in a sustainable way, a rich background and a generalist approach are far more efficient than pure specialist knowledge. We are experts of KAM/GAM and of B2B Marketing. However our team members also have a General Management and/or Executive Coaching background. We use a pragmatic systemic approach to analyze situations and build and implement solutions. You will find below a sample of our achievements (scroll down to see each example)

Global Account Management / Sales Operations

GAM programme enhancement improved growth, profitability and client satisfaction (global PR Agency): In order to help a service company better leverage global clients, we further developed their Client Segmentation and Global Account Management practice. New activities and tools covered the acquisition and development of clients, team training on client relationship and on virtual team collaboration, client intelligence and consulting, knowledge sharing, pricing and profitability tools. This program had a huge impact. Revenue grew 15% year on year, profitability improved by 5 points, and client satisfaction jumped from 75% to 92%. The most powerful, beneficial and long lasting change factor was a better acceptance of cultural differences and a spectacular development of team dynamic and collaboration.

Improved team dynamic yields better resuts on Key/Global Accounts (Software company); Improved common understanding and collaboration among sales and delivery teams of complex Global Accounts. This lead to a better worldwide roll-out of an Enterprise Solution and to a higher revenue on the targeted accounts.

Pragmatic Sales Force Automation (IT Services): We facilitated the creation of a SFA/CRM tool by the sales team themselves. The tool was developed rapidly at a very low cost and was immediately adopted by the sales rep as they had created it! In parallel, sales reps attended workshops on sales best practice and pipe management.

B2B Marketing & Communications

Restructuring of global Marketing and repositioning (Software company): Re-organized the global Marketing team of a 1.200 staff Enterprise Software company. Drove repositioning in the market with new key messages and stories, new web presence, and a global PR program that tripled media coverage in a year – Simultaneously, we re-organised marketing and communication at country level and developed collaboration putting an end to the endemic conflict between the centre and the periphery.

Stakeholders-focused communication plans around two acquisitions (Software company). The initial communication plan around two acquisitions was purely focused on the financial community. Working with the board of this software and services company, and involving many teams, we designed a comprehensive plan covering all internal and external audiences. Industry analysts, financial analysts, clients, and staff praised the clear and authentic communication.

A messaging workshop with board members as an eye-opener on a fundamental positioning challenge. As part of a branding program for a global supplier of highly sophisticated air-conditioning systems, we invited the executive board to work on the key messages for their company. The workshop turned into an eye-opening exercise on the challenge of balancing the specific aspects of each division’s business with the need for a global branding and positioning.

Strategic competitive Influencers Marketing Programmes

Integrated competitive program based on cross-functions collaboration. For the German subsidiary of a multinational company, we elaborated a comprehensive plan to strengthen the positioning against the key competitors. We pulled together a cross-functional team with representatives from sales, pre-sales, marketing, PR, advertising. Combining research with the participant’s knowledge, we analyzed the business ecosystem, crafted new messages and specific stories and elaborated new forms of marketing deliverables including a very successful blog. The projects fundamentally changed the way marketing, communications and sales perceived each others and worked together and with their agencies.

Influence-building program targeting Retail executives and staff. As part of a strategic B2C branding programme for a multinational technology giant, we designed in-store activities to help and influence retailer’s sales staff and created an exclusive conference to develop tighter relationship with Retail senior management. In order to achieve the goals, it was also necessary to improve the relationship and collaboration between the country teams and the regional and global headquarters.

Collaboration and Team dynamic

All the achievements described on this page have been possible only because improving the team dynamic, either on a local or international level was at the core of all activities.

General Management

Turn around of the French subsidiary of a global Software company (One year assignment before an acquisition).
Strengthening of a PR Agency subsidiary in Poland (Interim Management); improvement of efficiencies, refocus on marketing and sales, management of crisis situations with clients, team skills development.