Upcoming Webinar on Influence-focused strategies in B2B

The term “Influencers” has become pervasive but what does it really mean for a B2B company? Should B2B Marketing & Sales managers take the general talk on influencers for relevant and apply the same methods as in B2C? Or should they rather take a different approach? Should an Influence-focused strategy be purely digital and is it solely a Marketing activity or should it be both online and offline and integrate Marketing and Sales in a unified approach? This MARKEDU webinar provides elements to help B2B practitioners define their own answer. Two sessions are scheduled before the end of 2015 on November 17th and December 17th.

About Olivier Rivière
I am a consultant helping companies of all size optimize their Marketing and Sales Performance and drive a Cultural Change. My focus is on General organisation dynamic, Sales Effectiveness, Key Account Management, Solutions Marketing & Sales, Prescritive Selling and Influencer Marketing. I am a European citizen of the world working in 3 languages and with a passion for diverse multicultural work environments.

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