Answering this marketing survey is food for thoughts

The Paul Merage School of Business in California has started an online survey on marketing metrics.

This survey is very well designed as it explores many parameters related to the goals and metrics of a marketing project, and how the initiative has been implemented. Filling in the questionnaire while looking back at a major project (with metrics) drives you to think about what you’ve done well and what could have been better. A very valuable exercise.

If you are surprised by some questions, and deem they have little to do with marketing, think twice! You might be missing something fundamental in the way your and your company are handling marketing and sales!

Respondents to the survey will receive the results. One more very good reason for participating!

About Olivier Riviere
I am a consultant helping companies of all size optimize their Marketing and Sales Performance and drive a Cultural Change. My focus is on General organisation dynamic, Sales Effectiveness, Key Account Management, Solutions Marketing & Sales, Prescritive Selling and Influencer Marketing. I am a European citizen of the world working in 3 languages and with a passion for diverse multicultural work environments.