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A discussion with Milind Katti, CEO at DemandFarm

DemandFarm is a Key Account Management application integrated into SalesForce and other main CRM systems. Dr. Olivier Rivière and Milind Katti, CEO, talk about Sales Performance and Key Account Management. Link to the DemandFarm website: If you want to know more about DemandFarm, please contact us!


A growing relevance of KAM across all industries The concept of Key Account Management is by far not new but it is highly relevant to many businesses. The core idea of true KAM is to accelerate the implementation of the company’s strategy by identifying the few Customers with whom it is worth developing a closer relationship, often based on a specific Value Proposition, leading to


How to deliver a really good KAM Training

This is the third and last post of our series on the KAM Training and the development of KAM Skills. The first post is exploring the global KAM Skills Development approach. he second post explores the concept of the KAM Training Path. This third post is about the execution of the KAM Training. Here is a very quick reminder of a few of the key


In a first post dedicated to KAM Training, we have explored how to set a solid framework for a KAM Training and covered the following topics Training needs and goals depend on the maturity of KAM in your company A KAM training without a flexible KAM Methodology is a tower built on sand KAM training should be delivered to a broad audience The training content must be fully customised


When starting a new KAM/GAM Programme or revamping an existing one, Training is a topic that immediately draws attention as it is a key instrument to allow an organisation to execute on its KAM Strategy. This post is the first of a series of two dedicated to how to set-up an adequate KAM training approach supporting the initial kick-off and the further development of a KAM initiative. In this first

Why (pure) NPS and KAM are not compatible

Recently I was having a discussion on a topic of common interest with the GAM Program Director of a Digital Marketing & Branding service provider. When sharing ideas on how to manage the Customer Experience, he mentioned their intention to use NPS, the Net Promote Score. Having heard the impressive elements on how GAM is driven I this company, and being (too?) genuine, I could not prevent myself from


When helping a new client to get started on KAM or to improve an ailing KAM initiative, I always try to start the engagement by an introductory workshop with the Leadership Team and the managers in charge of sales methodologies. Very early in the agenda of this workshop, we look at the company’s strategy, at their Customer base and we discuss the definition of Key Accounts for them. What drives


Most of us are fascinated by Diamonds. The combination of their rarity, beauty (and price!) gives us a sense a perfection. Giving or receiving one as a gift is perceived as a romantic sign of a strong and durable bond. Owning them in quantities is a sign of wealth and power. Diamonds are valuable because they are rare. The raw material is literally an anomaly of nature, a

SAMA Pan-European Conference 2015 Soundbites

The SAMA Pan-European 2015 Conference took place in Berlin from March 16th to the 18th. Many aspects of implementing and driving Key/Strategic Account Management in companies of all size and from every sectors have been discussed during the event. Although it is impossible to capture the richness and variety of the experience sharing, the truly key ideas can be summarized as follows. The success of

GAM reloaded #6: Core processes for a strong programme

This is the sixth post of our GAM Reloaded™, series Post 1: Introducing GAM Reloaded - Post 2: Typology of International Clients Post 3: Strategic options on International Accounts - Post 4: Building support for the programme Post 5:Client segmentation, a pre-requisite to GAM In this sixth post we explore which core processes are required to put in place a solid KAM/GAM Programme. A modern and agile programme,