In a first post dedicated to KAM Training, we have explored how to set a solid framework for a KAM Training and covered the following topics Training needs and goals depend on the maturity of KAM in your company A KAM training without a flexible KAM Methodology is a tower built on sand KAM training should be delivered to a broad audience The training content must be fully customised

The Charybdis and Scylla of KAM: Too Much and Not Enough Methodology

A legend from ancient Greece tells about Charybdis and Scylla, two terrible sea monsters, wardens of a narrow passage on a crucial sea route. Charybdis was able to draw a whole ship into the abyss. Scilya, with its six heads, would take a toll on each crew by devouring a few of its members. The passage was so narrow, the two monsters so close one from the


When helping a new client to get started on KAM or to improve an ailing KAM initiative, I always try to start the engagement by an introductory workshop with the Leadership Team and the managers in charge of sales methodologies. Very early in the agenda of this workshop, we look at the company’s strategy, at their Customer base and we discuss the definition of Key Accounts for them. What drives

GAM reloaded #6: Core processes for a strong programme

This is the sixth post of our GAM Reloaded™, series Post 1: Introducing GAM Reloaded - Post 2: Typology of International Clients Post 3: Strategic options on International Accounts - Post 4: Building support for the programme Post 5:Client segmentation, a pre-requisite to GAM In this sixth post we explore which core processes are required to put in place a solid KAM/GAM Programme. A modern and agile programme,

GAM Reloaded #5 : Client Segmentation, a prerequisite to GAM

This is the fifth post of our GAM Reloaded™, series Post 1: Introducing GAM Reloaded Post 2: Typology of International Clients Post 3: Strategic options on International Accounts Post 4: Building support for the programme In this fifth post, we explore why building a Client Segmentation – and doing it in a collaborative manner – paves the ways to a better management of all clients. Important reminder, in this blog series

GAM Reloaded #3: Strategic options for International Accounts

This is the third post of our GAM Reloaded™, series. Our first post was about Introducing GAM Reloaded, the second one was on the Typology of International Clients. Keeping this in mind, let's look at the Key/Global Account Management strategic options available to executives who want to accelerate growth. A variety of potential strategic goals for KAM/GAM Starting a programme for International or Global Accounts must

Introducing the GAM Reloaded post series

This post is the introduction of a series of post bearing the title GAM reloaded™ . Our goal: another view on GAM and international development A first goal is to present a general approach that can help senior executive of international Small and Medium–size Businesses elaborate strategies and tactics to better drive profitable growth with international clients and make their business more resilient to crisis. A second goal is to

B2C and B2B share the need to engage Influencers

In the last two weeks, I have presented twice on the subject of influence as a key factor in B2B marketing and sales and in the acquisition of new customers. Concepts that work for entrepreneurs and sales directors The first session was a webinar with MARKEDU and the second one was an evening event organized in Munich by the Marketing Automation Agency Lead Lion and the BAW (Bayerische Akademie für Werbung). Both presentations were in German

Influencers; the key to B2B sales success

You are in B2B sales. Do you consistently outperform your competitors? Or do you dream of doing so? You might be well advised to have a chat with your marketing colleagues on influencers. A survey conducted by The Geehan Group and mentionned on Marketing Profs showed that, in a B2B space, companies who outperform competitors have a radically different balance of their marketing budget. Average companies spend

B2B buyers behaviour require marketers to focus on influencing the business ecosystem

Although this evolution has started a long while ago, it is only relatively recently that the B2B marketing and sales community as a whole has realized the magnitude of the challenge: today, in most cases, potential B2B buyers do not want to be disturbed by marketing talk and sales call coming in at a – perceived - inappropriate moment. For very rational reasons (do more with less people) and less rational ones (a frantic way to work with often poor time