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Upcoming Webinar on Influence-focused strategies in B2B

The term “Influencers” has become pervasive but what does it really mean for a B2B company? Should B2B Marketing & Sales managers take the general talk on influencers for relevant and apply the same methods as in B2C? Or should they rather take a different approach? Should an Influence-focused strategy be purely digital and is it solely a Marketing activity or should it be both online and offline and

B2C and B2B share the need to engage Influencers

In the last two weeks, I have presented twice on the subject of influence as a key factor in B2B marketing and sales and in the acquisition of new customers. Concepts that work for entrepreneurs and sales directors The first session was a webinar with MARKEDU and the second one was an evening event organized in Munich by the Marketing Automation Agency Lead Lion and the BAW (Bayerische Akademie für Werbung). Both presentations were in German

Influencers; the key to B2B sales success

You are in B2B sales. Do you consistently outperform your competitors? Or do you dream of doing so? You might be well advised to have a chat with your marketing colleagues on influencers. A survey conducted by The Geehan Group and mentionned on Marketing Profs showed that, in a B2B space, companies who outperform competitors have a radically different balance of their marketing budget. Average companies spend


Yesterday, I wrote two posts on the concept of business ecosystem. The content was – on purpose – a bit conceptual. I already announced that the next post would focus on  showing how these concepts apply to marketing and sales, implying a more "tactical" an operational  type of content. Well, I will write this post but somebody did it already for me, at least partially. This morning, on Social Media Today, one of my favorite blog on social media ( although

The concept of Business Ecosystem; A general description (part 2)

In the previous post, we have looked at a global description of a company’s business ecosystem and stakeholders. Our conclusion was that companies need to manage a web of relationship with the key parts (sometimes all) of their ecosystem and ensure the consistency of their behaviour and communication. Is this need new? No and Yes, in that order. No, it is not new because major corporations and companies with powerful


In a previous post, I described the shift in behaviour of B2B buyers as the main reason why B2B marketers need to manage the interaction of their company with the overall business environment, or ecosystem. With these two posts (that one is part 1), let’s take a closer look at the concept of business ecosystem. Most people familiar with technology-driven businesses of any type will associate the word ecosystem

B2B buyers behaviour require marketers to focus on influencing the business ecosystem

Although this evolution has started a long while ago, it is only relatively recently that the B2B marketing and sales community as a whole has realized the magnitude of the challenge: today, in most cases, potential B2B buyers do not want to be disturbed by marketing talk and sales call coming in at a – perceived - inappropriate moment. For very rational reasons (do more with less people) and less rational ones (a frantic way to work with often poor time