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When starting a new KAM/GAM Programme or revamping an existing one, Training is a topic that immediately draws attention as it is a key instrument to allow an organisation to execute on its KAM Strategy. This post is the first of a series of two dedicated to how to set-up an adequate KAM training approach supporting the initial kick-off and the further development of a KAM initiative. In this first

Why (pure) NPS and KAM are not compatible

Recently I was having a discussion on a topic of common interest with the GAM Program Director of a Digital Marketing & Branding service provider. When sharing ideas on how to manage the Customer Experience, he mentioned their intention to use NPS, the Net Promote Score. Having heard the impressive elements on how GAM is driven I this company, and being (too?) genuine, I could not prevent myself from

Upcoming Webinar on Influence-focused strategies in B2B

The term “Influencers” has become pervasive but what does it really mean for a B2B company? Should B2B Marketing & Sales managers take the general talk on influencers for relevant and apply the same methods as in B2C? Or should they rather take a different approach? Should an Influence-focused strategy be purely digital and is it solely a Marketing activity or should it be both online and offline and

SAMA Pan-European Conference 2015 Soundbites

The SAMA Pan-European 2015 Conference took place in Berlin from March 16th to the 18th. Many aspects of implementing and driving Key/Strategic Account Management in companies of all size and from every sectors have been discussed during the event. Although it is impossible to capture the richness and variety of the experience sharing, the truly key ideas can be summarized as follows. The success of

GAM Reloaded #4: Generating support for the programme

This is the fourth post of our GAM Reloaded™, series Post 1: Introducing GAM Reloaded Post 2: Typology of International Clients Post 3: Strategic options on International Accounts In this post, we move closer to the real work – design and implementation – looking at how to generate support for a KAM/GAM programme within the organization. Use dialogue and be as transparent as possible Designing, implementing or simply