B2B Mktg

Building an efficient System

Take your B2B Marketing more seriously!

For too many B2B companies, Marketing remains a “must do” set of activities which includes a mix of traditional analogue and fashionable digital techniques. On the opposite, the most successful companies treat Marketing as a system that is closely linked to product/solutions development and to sales and which is measured with highly relevant KPIs.

More than the agregation of specialist knowledge

Adding the skills and resources of multiple specialists does not result in a strong B2B Marketing organisation as many marketers are biased by their speciality. We help you avoid this trap and build a strong system and a strong accountable Marketing Team able to leverage individual and collective intelligence.

Modern Marketing is influencer-focused, collaborative and accountable

In a B2B digital world, there is no clear line between Marketing and Sales. In order to perform, the Marketing Team must be able to drive a true Customer Engagement, to work with and through Influencers and to collaborate with other functions as well as with various agencies.

Discover our B2B Marketing Service offering

Leveraging our experience of driving Strategic and Operational Marketing from small to large companies, we help you build, assess and strengthen your overal B2B Marketing system and develop influence over your business ecosystem. In the B2B Marketing Services section of this web site, you will find the following content;

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