B2B Mktg Methodology

A systemic approach to efficient Marketing

A modern and holistic view on Marketing & Communications

Our B2B Marketing Methodology is based on a modern and holistic approach used by leading companies, large and small. We take a truly global view at your business environment and we do not let fashion and “me too” thinking conduct our work.

We use leading edge technology to analyse how and where the internet is relevant to your business. We treat Marketing, Communications and Sales as a whole, and pay a lot of attention to creating synergies across functions and disciplines and leveraging collective intelligence. With our Services, your marketing and communications activities gain in coherency and overall impact.

Strategic analysis»

Environment and client-base analysis»

Organizational development»

Core tools»

Core programmes»

Special projects»

Team Dynamic»

  • Business strategy and go to market model analysis
  • Channel and distribution model analysis
  • Business ecosystem analysis (offline and online)

  • Business ecosystem map and Influencers analysis
  • Web cartography (general or for a specific theme)
  • Competitive positioning and messaging analysis
  • Client segmentation (local, regional, global)

  • Marketing / Communications team assessment
  • Organization development plan
  • Third party vendor assessment and selection
  • Marketing and Communication dashboard

  • Positioning development
  • Brand value and attributes definition
  • Corporate messages development (general or issue-specific)
  • Business/Products core messages development
  • Campaign or issue-specific messaging

  • Case study programme
  • Client reference programme
  • Thought Leadership programme
  • Influencers and Advocacy programme (general or issue-specific)
  • Digital Strategy guidelines
  • Blog policy development
  • Other programmes designed by your team and your vendors

  • Integrated campaign development (with vendors)
  • International campaigns
  • Vertical industry campaign
  • Client Advisory Board

  • Cross-functional project / campaign teams
  • Intercultural teams
  • Management of virtual teams
  • Trust building and conflict resolution