Ecosystem Analysis

Building Marketing and Sales on a solid base

The crucial importance of the Ecosystem and of Influencers

In the business world of the 21st century, potential clients have very little time and a low tolerance for what they perceive as commercial conversations. Therefore, developing a superior understanding of how target groups look for information and take advice from trusted sources is absolutely strategic.

We offer a proven methodology and toolset to develop a better intelligence of a company’s ecosystem and of influence mechanisms, in order to dramatically strengthen marketing and sales programmes.

Offline analysis services

Our offline analysis services allows to build the fundaments of business ecosystem and influencers intelligence. Our highly valuable analysis methods include the following;

  • Preliminary research on the business ecosystem
  • Media coverage analysis (with a Research firm or a PR Agency)
  • Team workshop to create a map of the Ecosystem and identify Influencers
  • Research of hot topics in events, conferences, trade shows
  • Specific research on Influencers

Online and semantic analysis services

In collaboration with selected partners, we offer a set of web-based analytics tools & services. Many of them are based on semantic analysis and allow an unprecedented depth of analysis. Our expertise helps you select the right vendor and the right tool for your business goal. For example, these services allow to;

  • Monitor comments on companies, brands, their products, and their competitors
  • Detect themes and topics that drive discussion
  • Identify the web sites with the most inflluence on discussions related to a specific topic

Try these game changing services!

Our set of Business Ecosystem and Influencers analysis tools, both offline and online can help dramatically increase the impact of your marketing, communication, and sales programmes. Please contact us for an in-depth discussion on that very exciting matter!