Mktg Skills Development

Building a stronger Marketing Team

Marketing skills are much more than specialist technical knowledge

With our experience of driving Marketing in small and large organization, we know that in order to have a skilled Marketing organization, a company needs much more than “specialist knowledge”. Developing business accumen, building a deep understanding of the Ecosystem and Influencers, thinking and acting across disciplines and teams are crucial for the impact and efficiency of Marketing. We help you develop this approach in a cost-effective and compellling way.

Pragmatic high-impact Workshops

Our training and coaching services help build the individual and collective skills of your Marketing Team. See below a description of our most common Marketing-oriented workshops. We can offer many more customized workshops as well as individualized coaching and mentoring.

  • Building a strong Marketing System and measuring its impact
  • The Marketing & Sales Dashboard and KPIs
  • Ecosystem Analysis Workshop
  • The multiple dimensions of Customer Segmentation
  • Messaging and Positioning
  • Elevator Pitch and Value Proposition
  • Designing and implementing a “Listening to the Customer Initiative
  • Tackling the Communication Challenges of the international Product Manager
  • Managing a Virtual Team

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