Solution Selling

Moving to a new way to Sell

Shifting your offering from Products to Solutions

In many industries, under the influence of new technologies and innovative players, business models are evolving. Very often, this means moving from a Product-focused offering to a Solution-focused offering. For most organisations, this evolution is a daunting challenge. OR Consulting helps you evaluate the consequences and build the adequate initiatives to drive this change successfully.

Engaging with Marketing & Sales

A move towards Solutions has an impact on all Marketing & Sales Teams: Strategic Marketing, Product & Operational Marketing, Delivery and Sales must learn new ways to analyse the market and the environment and to interact with all ecosystem stakeholders. In collaboration with your team we define the new processes and tools required to introduce Solution Selling in your company and build the required Training and Coaching programmes.

  • Consulting for and workshop with the Strategic Marketing Team
  • Collaborative Business Ecosystem analysis
  • Support for the process of definition of the offering
  • Support to the Operational Marketing & Sales Team to design an Integrated Plan
  • Solution Selling Training and Coaching for Sales & Technical Sales
  • Design and implementation of a Prescriptive Selling approach
  • Work with HR and the Lines of Busines Managers to assess skills and skills/talent development needs

Managing the Cultural Change

Selling Solutions requires a new way to drive and maintain the dialogue with Customers and Prospects. It also requires a new way to collaborare across functions. This change must be managed and a lot of attention must be paid to driving and fostering this cultural change: Leadership and role modelling matters! We bring you our experience initiating and driving such changes in other companies.