Vendor Selection

Finding the right extension to your Marketing Team

Helping select the right Vendor

Selecting a new Vendor to be part of a company’s B2B Marketing system is an important task with far-reaching consequences. It is also a very time consuming one. In too many organisations the so-called “RFP process” is lengthy, chaotic and frustrating for most of the people involved on both sides, buyer and potential vendors. We help you solve this problem.

A Service to make your life easier

Taking advantage of a long experience managing operations both on the buying and selling sides, we offer a service tailored to your company’s size, structure and habits. Our contribution makes the vendor selection process more efficient and fair for all parties.

We use a combination of consulting and coaching techniques. As consultants, we agree with you on the level of control you need and want to keep on each single elements of the selection process and we offload you and your team of agreed parts of the process. As coaches, we facilitate the dialogue between all stakeholders and help build consensus and clarity. Our service is always tailored to your needs. It can include the following;

  • Exploring the business needs and different scenarios to cover them
  • Building a map of stakeholders and their specific needs
  • Defining a list of selection criterions and creating a brief
  • Managing the communication process with potential vendors
  • Managing the Request for Proposal process and all its different steps
  • Coordinating and collaborating with purchasing

Type of Vendors we can help select

  • CRM & Marketing Automation systems and agencies
  • Public Relations & Public Affairs Agencies or freelancers
  • Web site creation and Search Engine optimization
  • Digital Marketing campaigns
  • Market Research firms
  • Client Reference Programs and other client-related programs

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