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A discussion with Milind Katti, CEO at DemandFarm

DemandFarm is a Key Account Management application integrated into SalesForce and other main CRM systems. Dr. Olivier Rivière and Milind Katti, CEO, talk about Sales Performance and Key Account Management. Link to the DemandFarm website: If you want to know more about DemandFarm, please contact us!


A growing relevance of KAM across all industries The concept of Key Account Management is by far not new but it is highly relevant to many businesses. The core idea of true KAM is to accelerate the implementation of the company’s strategy by identifying the few Customers with whom it is worth developing a closer relationship, often based on a specific Value Proposition, leading to


How to deliver a really good KAM Training

This is the third and last post of our series on the KAM Training and the development of KAM Skills. The first post is exploring the global KAM Skills Development approach. he second post explores the concept of the KAM Training Path. This third post is about the execution of the KAM Training. Here is a very quick reminder of a few of the key


In a first post dedicated to KAM Training, we have explored how to set a solid framework for a KAM Training and covered the following topics Training needs and goals depend on the maturity of KAM in your company A KAM training without a flexible KAM Methodology is a tower built on sand KAM training should be delivered to a broad audience The training content must be fully customised