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When starting a new KAM/GAM Programme or revamping an existing one, Training is a topic that immediately draws attention as it is a key instrument to allow an organisation to execute on its KAM Strategy. This post is the first of a series of two dedicated to how to set-up an adequate KAM training approach supporting the initial kick-off and the further development of a KAM initiative. In this first

Why (pure) NPS and KAM are not compatible

Recently I was having a discussion on a topic of common interest with the GAM Program Director of a Digital Marketing & Branding service provider. When sharing ideas on how to manage the Customer Experience, he mentioned their intention to use NPS, the Net Promote Score. Having heard the impressive elements on how GAM is driven I this company, and being (too?) genuine, I could not prevent myself from

The Charybdis and Scylla of KAM: Too Much and Not Enough Methodology

A legend from ancient Greece tells about Charybdis and Scylla, two terrible sea monsters, wardens of a narrow passage on a crucial sea route. Charybdis was able to draw a whole ship into the abyss. Scilya, with its six heads, would take a toll on each crew by devouring a few of its members. The passage was so narrow, the two monsters so close one from the


When helping a new client to get started on KAM or to improve an ailing KAM initiative, I always try to start the engagement by an introductory workshop with the Leadership Team and the managers in charge of sales methodologies. Very early in the agenda of this workshop, we look at the company’s strategy, at their Customer base and we discuss the definition of Key Accounts for them. What drives