Account Management for the 21st Century

Competing for now and for the future

Leading practitioners recognize that Key/Global Account Management is a key instrument to compete and to drive growth. More than a Sales Strategy, it is part of the Corporate Strategy and it is a Business Transformation. A well-performing Key or Global Account Programme has a lot of positive impact on the organisation. Our Why_KAM? presentation and our KAM White Paper for Executives, discuss some of the key drivers for KAM.

Key Account Management has evolved

Traditional Key & Global Account Management methods have been created more than 30 years ago for and within industrial and retail-oriented companies. In today’s digitalized world and across many sectors, a good KAM Methodology must provide adequate answers to the following;

  • Competition is tough; building and maintaining a differentiation cannot be based only on the product quality, it also depends on how the Supplier works with the Customer
  • In order to better serve their Customers, Suppliers move from Products Selling to Solutions Selling to co-creation with their truly strategic Customers
  • Procurement is more professional and more demanding: Suppliers must demonstrate the Value they bring
  • International and global companies are not always centralized making selling to them more complex
  • When they need information, B2B decision-makers and buyers look for trusted sources and listen to Influencers, not to sales reps
  • In all companies, team members want autonomy and a say in decision, team work and collaboration are more valued than individualistic effort
  • Information is digital and is shared over the internet
  • In such a world, KAM/GAM cannot simply be the same!

Are you ready to act?

Executives and Business Owners who want to build and maintain the competitive edge of their company should take a deep look at what KAM is and what it could do for their company (there is never a one fit all answer to this question). These pages will provide you with a detailed information on how we can help you design and implement a Key/Global Account Management practice adapted to your company’s business, context and culture.

DOWNLOAD Our KAM Methodology Brochure, and our short KAM/GAM Services Catalogue. Then, CONTACT US to have an informal exchange on your KAM/GAM and B2B Marketing business needs.