The KAM Opportunity

Resilience and accelerated growth combined!

Advanced Account Management as a key growth factor

Modern business leaders recognize that, properly implemented, KAM is a key growth driver and must be treated as part of the Corporate Strategy. We help you grab the opportunity and establish a pragmatic state-of-the-art KAM/GAM practice.

Multiple benefits of advanced KAM/GAM

Whatever the size of your company the benefits of implementing first class Key & Global Account Management are multiple. The most frequent are as follows;

  • Support the execution of the Strategy and, where relevant, the more towards Solution Selling
  • Focus resources (time, energy, budget) on the right Customers and create operational consistency across the organisation
  • Strengthen your local and global management systems and practice and enrich your company’s skills portfolio
  • Accelerate profitable growth and make your business more resilient to crisis
  • Develop a more open and collaborative culture and make your organisation more attractive to talents

Get a deeper information to feed your thoughts

KAM/GAM Reloaded , our advanced methodology, helps you assess the KAM/GAM opportunity, build a KAM program or improve an existing one, train and coach KAM teams and support functions, develop the processes, systems and behaviours that will help you create more Value for your best customers.

DOWNLOAD our Why KAM? presentation, our KAM Methodology Brochure, and our short KAM/GAM Services Catalogue. Then, CONTACT US to have an informal exchange on your KAM/GAM and B2B Marketing business needs.