Methodology & tools

Modern, Pragmatic, Efficient

A modern and pragmatic toolbox

We believe that providing consulting must rely on knowledge and experience, but must also be a creation work tailored to a specific situation. Relying on over 25 years experience developing and managing organizations and programmes, we use modern concepts, methodologies, and tools well adapted to marketing innovative high added-value products, solutions, or services.The pillars of our work are as follows;

General business concepts we use

  • A systemic and holistic view on a company in its environment
  • The concepts of Business Ecosystem and Influencers
  • Marketing and Sales seen as a continuous process
  • The concept of Value and Value Stream that comes from Lean Management
  • Management Systems and Balanced score card
  • Coaching as a key element of management

Our specific methodologies and tools

  • KAM/GAM Reloaded(tm) for modern Key & Global Account Management
  • AIBEM: Analyse, Inspire, Build, Engage, Measure