Speaking engagements

Sharing experience, learning from the audience

Olivier Riviere likes to share his experience and views on selected topics by speaking in conferences. He also gives lectures at the SKEMA Business Schools in Paris. His most recent activities are summarized below.

  • Influencers, key success factor in modern B2B Marketing and Sales, MARKEDU Webinar sessions in German, April & May 2011, and in English , July 2011
  • So überzeugen Sie alle Mitentscheider”, Vortragsabend, BAW München, May 2011
  • Identity as a key management tool for the 21st century, speech at SKEMA EXPERT, Sophia Antipolis, January 2011
  • The true Entreprise 2.0, Chronicle for Collaboratif Info in French – www.collaboratif-info.fr , January 2011
  • Business ecosystem focused marketing – Markedu Webinar – Septembre 2010
  • Marketing Myths and why you should (sometime) ignore them – Evènement XING CMO, Munich, Juillet 2010
  • Global Accounts, A strategic opportunity for international SMBs Expert File, CEO Europe, June 2010
  • Business ecosystem focused marketing – Markedu Webinar – September 2010
  • Marketing Myths and why you should (sometime) ignore them – XING CMO event – Munich – July 2010
  • Influence models and Communications – Conference, SKEMA Business School, Paris, February 2010
  • A different approach to Business Intelligence – BI Conference, Warsaw, November 2009 (rated Top 3 speaker)
  • Global Account Management Reloaded – A refreshed approach for the 21st century – Speech at the Global Sales Science Institute Conference 2009 – Clermont-Ferrand – June 2009
  • The merge of Marketing and Communications – Webinar and events in Munich and Warsaw – March, April, and June 2009
  • Global Accounts, a strategic opportunity for medium-size businesses – Two articles in the German press – March/April 2009

Olivier is also ready to speak on others topics related to branding and marketing, international business and multicultural teams.
If you are looking for a speaker in Olivier’s area of expertise, please do not hesitate to contact him.