Are you looking for business resilience and accelerated growth?

Modern B2B Marketing and Sales as key growth factors

OR Consulting helps your company implement or improve modern Marketing & Sales techniques: Key Account Management, Solution Selling, Ecosystem- and Influencers-driven Marketing. We show you the way and work with your team to implement advanced and modern methods that combine a deep understanding of your ecosystem, solid and flexible processes while leaving room for innovation and for people empowerment.

Methodologies rooted in a solid experience

Our consultants are practitioners who have handled complex situations as senior managers or executives. Their methodologies and tools come from over 20 years experience managing Marketing Departments, Key Clients Business Units and whole companies. We also develop your staff skills and foster collaboration making your company more agile and more attractive to talents.

Services for companies of all size

Our services are intended for companies of all size, from the small business to the large corporation. They are especially well adapted to companies with a high-added value business and a knowledge workers staff. We also offer services specially tweaked to the needs of international Marketing & Communication Agencies.

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