Account Management

(Global) Account Management challenges

Challenges with local Account Management

Winning a Customer is only the beginning of the journey. Managing the relationship for the long term, generating loyalty and revenue growth requires a permanent effort. It also requires very specific skills and, preferably, a solid methodology. The usual challenges of Account Management are as follows:

  • Correctly assessing the potential of the Customer and allocating ressources accordingly
  • Developping a deep intelligence of the Customer’s organisation
  • Building a network of relationship, creating advocates and neutralizing opponents
  • Managing competitive threats (others are not sleeping!)

Challenges with Global Account Management

For too many companies, the dream of accelerating growth thanks to International or Global Accounts often fades away in an ocean of operational and organisational difficulties. Below are some signs that opportunities with international sales are not being leveraged.

  • Big global brand names in the client list, are clients in one or two countries only.
  • There is no company-wide initiative to export client relationships to other countries
  • Client intelligence and best practice are not shared across the international sales team.
  • Developing the business with selected A-brands is left to the initiative of a few individuals and there is no synergy across the team.
  • A too rigid definition of a Global Account programme makes it very difficult to implement and is a source of frustration and tension.

Turn the Challenge into an Opportunity!

Our KAM/GAM services can help companies of any size establish leading-edge practice in terms of managing their local and international Strategic Customers. Working around the traditional -and detrimental – divide between managing local and global accounts, our proven KAM/GAM methodology has a positive impact on all your Go to Market practice.