Your Challenges

Are you satisfied with your Go to Market activities?

Although most Top Managers won’t recognize it, few companies get their Client Management, Solution Selling and B2B Marketing really right. For most businesses of any size, performing in these two areas also represents a set of serious challenges.

Usual Client Management challenges

  • Clearly identify the most strategic customers and allocate enough ressources to them
  • Cast the right balance between acquiring and developing customers
  • Present the adequate range of solutions to each Customer
  • Find and nurture the Talents that can take Customer Management to the next stage
  • In global organisations, drive sufficient cross-country collaboration to generate and leverage international opportunities

Usual B2B Marketing challenges

  • Become visible and relevant to true decision-makers or influencers
  • Understand and influence the business ecosystem with true topical expertise
  • Keep marketing activities consistent over time and across multiple channels
  • Adapt to local specifics while keeping global consistency
  • Manage resource limitations, “achieve more with less” and measure the true impact of Marketing

The need for a multidisciplinary approach

Like other business-related matters, most Marketing- and Sales-related challenges are systemic. Focusing on a specific technique brings only punctual improvements that do no last and fail at putting the company ahead of its competitors. Maximizing the performance of Client Management and Solution Selling is best achieved by looking at B2B Marketing, Communications and Sales as a whole. It also requires to be able to solve issues related to Sales Skills, Team Dynamic and Operations Management. OR Consulting brings you this multi-dimensional expertise and operational experience.